Silicon Labs expands sub-GHz wireless portfolio to support 802.15.4/4g connectivity -

Silicon Labs expands sub-GHz wireless portfolio to support 802.15.4/4g connectivity

Silicon Labs has introduced next-generation EZRadio and EZRadioPR O wireless ICs that operate in the sub-GHz band. The new Si4x55 EZRadio and Si4x6x EZRadioPRO families support a variety of protocols including IEEE 802.15.4/4g, Wireless M-Bus , and Wi-SUN. The new families provide a high-performance wireless connectivity platform for a wide array of IoT applications including wireless sensor networks, industrial M2M communication, remote controls, security systems, and smart meters.

The company claims that the EZRadio and EZRadioPRO families offer the highest levels of RF performance and single-chip integration in the sub-GHz wireless IC market. These sub-GHz wireless ICs provide best-in-class performance specifications including transmit output power (up to +20 dBm for EZRadioPRO), sensitivity (-116 dBm for EZRadio, and -133 dBm for EZRadioPRO) and link budget (153 dB).

The devices also provide the industry’s lowest standby current of 40 nA with memory retention, consuming up to 75 percent less sleep mode current than competing solutions, according to the company. Each device includes a patent-pending signal arrival detector that reduces the average receiver current by detecting a signal faster than traditional sub-GHz receivers, effectively increasing the battery life for various applications. Featuring a high-efficiency integrated power amplifier (PA) consuming only 18 mA at 10 dBm, these energy-friendly sub-GHz radios can operate on a single coin cell battery, and they are well suited for smart meter designs that require long-range and up to 20-year battery lifetime. Autonomous duty cycling between active and low-power modes and advanced features such as frequency hopping and antenna diversity minimize host MCU interaction and further reduce overall system power consumption.

Samples and production quantities of the Si4x55 EZRadio and Si4x6x EZRadioPRO products are available now. More information

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