Silicon Labs targets Blue Gecko with new 32-bit MCUs for IoT -

Silicon Labs targets Blue Gecko with new 32-bit MCUs for IoT

PARIS – Focusing on the potential of IoT, Silicon Labs unveiled this week at the Embedded World conference in Nuremberg, Germany, the company’s first Bluetooth Low Energy wireless SoC, Blue Gecko. Silicon Labs’ new Bluetooth portfolio includes Bluetooth wireless SoCs, a software stack, embedded modules and a software development kit.

Blue Gecko is the first in a series of IoT SoCs Silicon Labs has promised to deliver in coming months. They include a family of Sub-GHz wireless products, a family of multi-protocols and multi-bands products, and a family of sub-GHz and 2.4GHz products.

Silicon Labs’ Blue Gecko SoC integrates, on a single die, 2.4GHz Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver with Silicon Labs’ energy-friendly EFM32 Gecko MCU.

The 32-bit MCU inside the wireless SoC runs Bluetooth protocol stacks and scripting language developed by Bluegiga, a Bluetooth module company Silicon Labs acquired earlier this month.

The new SoC essentially gives developers flexibility and accelerated time-to-market, allowing them to program profiles and create applications simply and easily when they need to tailor the Bluetooth solution for their own purposes, explained James Stansberry, senior vice president and general manager of IoT products at Silicon Labs.

The 32bit MCU + radio combo architecture offers “industry-leading energy efficiency, the fastest wake-up times and superior RF sensitivity,” said Stansberry. Compared to competitors’ Bluetooth Low Energy chips already on the market, Blue Gecko can “transmit +10 dBm or higher output power with its fully integrated power amplifier and balun, further reducing design complexity,” the company explained.

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