Simple Message Queue: IoT Messaging -

Simple Message Queue: IoT Messaging


Remote control embedded devices directly from HTML5 in real-time, stream data to and from devices, and/or use broker/server for IoT Edge Node data acquisition.

SMQ is an easy to use IoT (M2M) publish subscribe protocol designed and optimized for embedded systems providing instantaneous Edge Node connectivity. The solution allows resource contrained real-time control, analysis, and updates.

Library Summary

  • SimpleMQ Client — a C Source code library that compiles into 2KBytes on a Cortex M4 and with direct interface to sockets.
  • SharkMQ™ — a secure implementation of the SimpleMQ Client which utilizes SharkSSL™. The complete SharkSSL and SimpleMQ code combination can be as small as 21KBytes ROM with the selected cipher combination ECC and ChaCha20-Poly1305.
  • SimpleMQ Broker — management component.
  • SimpleMQ-JS — JavaScript library that utilizes WebSockets for the Message Queue communication.

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