Simplify enterprise networking with WAN traffic analysis tool -

Simplify enterprise networking with WAN traffic analysis tool


Masergy's Network Analyst is a comprehensive, service-embedded wide-area network (WAN) traffic analysis service for enterprises taking advantage of the company's MPLS solutions. Built with underlying technology from Alcatel, the Network Analyst service simplifies and tracks application performance and data streams flowing anywhere across a company's WAN.

Embedded in the virtual private network (VPN), the Network Analyst service eliminates the need for software, hardware, integration, validation, or maintenance on the part of the enterprise. Using a simple Web-based service portal, network managers can have instant availability to the service, as soon as the business starts running network traffic across the circuit.

The Network Analyst service also gives businesses with multiple sites a comprehensive view of network activity and application performance without the costly expense of an overlay network solution, which tends to increase latency and reduce available bandwidth. The scalable network management tool gibes managers a granular view of their network traffic by application, protocol, port, QoS level, and IP address. For more information, visit

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