Simulation model-driven development of distributed embedded systems -

Simulation model-driven development of distributed embedded systems

In “Model-Driven development of embedded systems,” Tino Brade, Michael Schulze, Sebastian Zug, and Jorg Kaiser in the Department for Distributed Systems at Magdeburg University in Germany, describe a distributed mechatronic system that integrates sensors, processing units, communication networks, and actuators designed using a rapid development process based on the use of Matlab/Simulink.

It incorporates communication middleware and a programming abstraction for distributed sensors and actuators to link the various elements together. Sensors and actuators are specified by an extended electronic datasheet for smart embedded devices.

This allows a developer to defines the capabilities of a device on a high system level in a declarative way and from that description, the functionality is generated using domain-specific tools like Matlab/Simulink, using improved back-end tools that provide the code for the target system.

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