Simulator faithfully mimics OMAP2430 applications processor -

Simulator faithfully mimics OMAP2430 applications processor


Campbell, Calif.—Virtio Corp.'s VPOM-2430 Virtual Platform fully simulates Texas Instruments Inc.'s OMAP2430 applications processor and software development platform. In this way, it lets wireless system designers and software developers start writing and testing code months before a hardware platform exists.

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Simulation of the OMAP2430 processor blocks includes its imaging, video, audio, graphics, and camera subsystems, as well as memory and a full set of I/O ports. In particular, the graphics subsystem incorporates the processor's IVA 2 accelerator, TI's latest generation imaging and audio engine, easing the transition to that technology.

As with all Virtio Virtual Platforms, the VPOM-2430 provides breakpoints and single stepping to view inside and control peripheral hardware models. It also gives you control of power management hardware, letting you visualize the applied system voltage scaling over time and verify that the intended power states are invoked.

The VPOM-2430 is offered in two versions. One is a standard virtual platform that lets you create and test software configurations to boot operating systems, run applications, and develop low-level drivers. The other is a platform development kit that adds authoring tools for customizing the board-level platform.

Even after hardware becomes available, the VPOM-2430 provides value by affording visibility into hardware and software and stopping all cores at each breakpoint. In this way, debugging with the VPOM-2430 is said to be more efficient than using a JTAG port.

The VPOM-2430 Virtual Platform is available now and carries a starting price of $1,990 for a single-user license.

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