Simulink 6 advances model-based design -

Simulink 6 advances model-based design


Model-based design took another step forward with the introduction of Simulink 6, the latest version of The Mathworks, Inc.'s software for simulation and embedded system development. Simulink enables engineers to model, simulate, and implement real-time systems and components. Simulink 6 extends model-based design to complex projects encompassing large models and multiple design teams and improves the process for design, implementation, and verification within and across workgroups, according to the company.

New capabilities in Simulink for controls, signal processing, and communications support a broader range of applications. Features of Simulink 6 enable faster development cycle times, eliminate manual coding errors, and facilitate innovation and exploration in control, signal processing, and communication system development.

Simulink 6 contains features that support large-scale, embedded system development projects. With component-based modeling and unified data-dictionary management capabilities, teams can build and share multiple configurations and subsystems design efficiently within and across organizations. This new capability facilitates the integration, simulation, and optimization of models containing hundreds of thousands of parameters and blocks.

“Model-Based Design from The MathWorks has transformed the way embedded systems are developed by replacing paper documents, physical prototypes, hand-coding, and decoupled testing with executable models, simulation, automatic code generation, and tests tightly integrated with design,” said DSP analyst Will Strauss, president of Forward Concepts.

The new version of Simulink enables engineers to model, simulate, and implement RF electronics for wireless systems and video and image processing systems. Simulink 6 is also practical for modeling and simulating drivelines for automotive, aerospace, and industrial equipment. With Simulink 6 and the new fixed-point math support in MATLAB 7, more engineering teams can now design, implement, and verify systems comprising fixed-point hardware and software. The company says that Simulink users can write algorithms using a subset of the MATLAB language and automatically generate embeddable C code using MathWorks Real-Time Workshop.

Simulink 6 is available immediately for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Macintosh systems. Pricing starts at $2,800 U.S.

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