Single-board computer features flat-panel design -

Single-board computer features flat-panel design


Irvine, Calif.—The AIS-I7621 embedded flat-panel single-board computer (SBC) from American Industrial Systems Inc. uses a low voltage Intel Celeron M processor and supports DDR 266/200 RAM up to 1-Gbyte.

Applications include slim panel-PC systems, POIs (Point-of-Information), POSs (Point-of-Sale), kiosks, digital signage, gaming, slots, and lottery machines.

The AIS-I7621 boasts a lightweight compact design, generating less heat for more system stability. A fanless feature was implemented onto the board, minimizing any system noise. The AIS-I7621 is designed to work with input voltages, ranging from 8-30 volts (optional).

Additional features include a Mini-PCI slot; 1 x Compact Flash socket onto which the operation system may be loaded; 1 x secondary EIDE channel for storage; and VGA, LVDS, DVO inputs (TTL optional). The expandability options are fully integrated into the system and support resolutions up to 1600×1200 UXGA.

Wireless Ethernet can be achieved by adding a Mini-PCI form factor wireless adaptor. The gold finger allows for up to four PCI expansion devices.

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