Single channel PXI unit provides battery simulation -

Single channel PXI unit provides battery simulation


Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI battery simulators with the introduction of the 41-753, a single channel battery simulator designed to support the testing of battery operated devices.

The 41-753 provides a adjustable power supply capable of providing voltages up to 6V and output currents up to 2.8A. The 3U PXI module has a programmable output resistance function that allows it to replicate the effect of batteries with a finite output resistance.

It includes a remote sense connections and a fast correction loop that allows the module to emulate the battery even at the end of the cable runs required to connect to the device under test. The module is fully isolated from ground. The fast correction loop means that the 41-753 can be used without having to add bulky decoupling capacitors in the device under test. It is particularly useful for the testing of mobile phones and PDA's

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