Single-chip audio processor enables 50 hrs. of continuous playback -

Single-chip audio processor enables 50 hrs. of continuous playback

NEC Electronics launched the first product in the company's AP series of audio processors. The uPD99910 enables 50 hrs. of continuous music playback on mobile phones. The single-chip audio processor integrates a CPU and a DSP dedicated to music playback and an interface dedicated to copyright protection media. With a CPU and DSP dedicated to music playback, NEC Electronics' uPD99910 audio processor doesn't need to engage the application processor.

Designed to be a companion chip to an application processor, the device appropriates and optimizes the music playback function from the apps processor, incorporates an SD Memory Card interface, and supports Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM) copyright protection technology whose SD-Audio function enables music data to be downloaded and played without copyright infringement. By having these features integrated on one IC, the new processor lets manufacturers enhance mobile phone performance while reducing time to market and costs.

Because uPD99910 device is a companion chip, music can be played by downloading the playback program from the apps processor. The code used to run the program can be stored in the application processor's flash memory, with only a small amount of music playback code stored in the audio processor, thereby reducing internal memory size. Moreover, external flash memory for storing program code is not required, allowing the uPD99910 to deliver better cost performance for portable digital audio players.

More information about NEC Electronics’ uPD99910 audio processor can found at Samples start around $13.50 and are available now.

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