Single-chip CMOS-based RF tuner puts TV in a handset -

Single-chip CMOS-based RF tuner puts TV in a handset


Built on a CMOS process, the ATS7000 performance, ultra low-power, dual-band, RF tuner chip enables cost-effective mobile TV applications in cellular phones and other devices, such as PDAs and automobile entertainment systems. The device is fully compliant with the DVB-H standard that enables the reception of multi-channel broadcast TV and audio channels on mobile consumer devices. It supports mobile broadcast TV services in both Europe and the U.S. by operating in UHF and L-band, thus providing interoperability across networks and simplifying the design of mobile consumer devices capable of TV reception.

The ATS7000, developed by Athena Semiconductors, integrates the company's OptimRFTM direct-conversion, zero-IF CMOS radio technology that's been deployed in previous products. By using direct conversion, the IC avoids external SAW filters and tunable parts, which lowers the bill of materials. A complete mobile-TV receiver can be built by combining the ATS7000 with a partner's digital demodulator chip. Features of the ATS7000 include a 4-dB noise figure, which eliminates the need for an external low-noise amplifier (LNA); and a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) higher than 30 dB. The power is specified at 25 mW in operating mode and less than 10 mW in sleep mode. The part is housed in a 40-pin MLF that measures 6 by 6 mm. More information can be found at

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