Single-chip solutions suit CDMA2000 1X dual-band networks -

Single-chip solutions suit CDMA2000 1X dual-band networks

Qualcomm has expanded its family of single-chip solutions for dual-band (800 and 1900 MHz) CDMA2000 1X networks. Improvements in network capacity and power consumption are combined with advanced multimedia and position-location capabilities. The highly integrated QSC devices combine baseband modem, multimedia, radio transceiver, GPS, and power-management functionality, enabling handset makers to create smaller and sleeker CDMA2000 1X mainstream devices at reduced cost.

The QSC family is designed to eliminate certain discrete components to lower development and manufacturing costs, reduce bill-of-materials costs, and accelerate time to market. The products are targeted primarily for mainstream markets in North America, as well as markets in India, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Sampling is scheduled for the fourth quarter of next year. For further information, visit

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