Single-chip voice processor targets high-end hands-free communication systems -

Single-chip voice processor targets high-end hands-free communication systems


Zarlink Semiconductor expanded its voice processing product portfolio with a single-chip voice processor for hands-free communication systems. The flexible and programmable platform integrates dual-channel codecs with 16-bit sampling, audio-quality DACs, and increased MIPS capacity. The solution helps designers of speakerphones and hands-free car kits to more effectively deal with complex noise conditions, such as high background noise, echo and double-talk. Fully supported by software, the voice-processing chip offers an easy-to-use solution that lowers design cost and speeds time-to-market.

Meeting a growing demand for voice conferencing systems delivering superior voice quality, Zarlink's voice processing engine is designed specifically to handle severe noise conditions. The device's patented software algorithms continuously track echo path changes and reduce background noise while preserving high voice quality. The chip also delivers exceptional performance in double-talk situations when two people are talking at the same time. The algorithm can continuously converge and track changes in the echo path to support full-duplex operation. For more information, visit

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