Single-wire temp sensors simplify design, reduce overhead -

Single-wire temp sensors simplify design, reduce overhead

SMSC's EMC1200-series family of temperature sensors are designed to communicate with the company's KBC11xx keyboard controller family over a single-wire (BudgetBus) sensor interface. The BudgetBus leverages the host controller to reduce the sensors' overhead, resulting in smaller size and lower costs. The sensors meet or beat industry performance standards with an external temperature accuracy rate of +/- 1°C and an ambient temperature accuracy rate of +/-3°C.

Two other sensors, the EMC1043 and EMC1053, include beta compensation and “hottest of two zones” capability. The EMC1043 is a triple-temperature sensor suited for dual-core servers utilizing SMBus architecture. It comes in five versions, all of which employ beta compensation to enable accurate sensing of 65-nm processors. Beta compensation adjusts for inconsistent behavior typically seen in substrate diodes at 65 nm and in advanced processor geometries.

The EMC1053 is a triple-temperature SMBus sensor that provides general-purpose measurement for embedded applications that employ technology without advanced processor geometries such as white goods. In addition, the device features the ability to monitor three temperatures in a footprint traditionally used to measure only two. Both parts employ the “hottest of two zones” technology, which lets designers configure them as to determine the hottest of the external zones measured, offloading from the host processor the burden of comparing temperatures and identifying the hottest source. Instead of polling two temperature registers and deciding which is hotter the processor only reads one temperature register representing the hotter of the two external temperatures. Prices range from $0.50 to $1.00. Additional information is available at

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