Sintrones: fanless AI box computers support autonomous vehicles, deep learning -

Sintrones: fanless AI box computers support autonomous vehicles, deep learning

Sintrones introduce the new ABOX-5200G4 and ABOX-5200G1 with Intel GEN 8th 6 Cores i7-8700T. ABOX-5200G4and ABOX-5200G1 can support not only autonomous vehicles, deep learning A.I., automatic factory, but also apply to Smart Patrol and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

New ABOX-5200G4 and ABOX-5200G1 Fanless AI Box Computers are powered by Intel GEN 8th 6 Cores i7-8700T CPU with NVIDIA GeForce GTX technology: ABOX-5200G4 powered by GTX 1060 GPU while ABOX-5200G1 powered by GTX 1050TI GPU. It can provide high computing performance on more broadly to accelerate computational workloads. The new ABOX-5200G4 supports 1280 CUDA Cores and ABOX-5200G1 supports 768 CUDA Cores.

Regards to expansion capability, ABOX-5200G4 and ABOX-5200G1 both have 8 x GPI, 4 x GPO and 3 x RS-232/422/485 to connect and 10 x GbE LAN (Optional for 8 x PoE) with Dual Hot Swappable SATA Storage RAID 0,1,5. In terms of operating in extreme weather conditions, ABOX-5200G4 has wide range operating temperature -40°C ~ 60°C and ABOX-5200G1’s operating temperature range is -40°C to 70°C.

To highlight, ABOX-5200G4 and ABOX-5200G1 fanless AI box computers can process deep learning operations with NVIIDIA CUDA technology, support end-to-end deep learning solutions which play a vital role for autonomous vehicles and automatic factory. Furthermore, ABOX-5200G4 and ABOX-5200G1 can be applied to assist the system to detect objects, do basic classification and alert the drivers (i.e. Smart Patrol, ADAS monitoring and warning).

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