SiTel : VoIP IC enables crystal-clear five-way communication -

SiTel : VoIP IC enables crystal-clear five-way communication


SiTel Semiconductor today announced the release of the latest member of its Green VoIP processor range. The new SC14452 with integrated DECT support enables industry-leading stand-by power figures of 350 mW, while dedicated cryptography features ensure complete call confidentially. In addition, this highly integrated VoIP solution helps reduce overall system bill of materials (BoM) for enterprise VoIP desktop phones and IP-DECT base stations, and delivers outstanding sound quality for crystal clear communications.

Thanks to the company’s proven, energy-efficient multi-core architecture, SiTel’s first Green VoIP processor, the SC14450, allowed manufacturers to cut power consumption in typical applications by up to 50%. The new SC14452 goes even further by including an integrated Fast Ethernet 10/100 MAC, enabling additional power savings of some 200 mW .

SiTel’s SC14452 development kit
Net system power for a VoIP desktop phone based on the SC14452 is just 353 mW in idle mode (complying with the more stringent phase 2 of the EU directive 2005/32/EC), 556 mW during a G.722 call and 567 mW during a G.729AB call. The integrated Ethernet MAC also significantly reduces BoM costs for desktop phones.

Confidentiality and the threat of eavesdropping are key issues for enterprise VoIP solutions. To address this, the SC14452 includes a hardware cryptographic engine to accelerate DES, 3DES and AES computations. Consequently, it seamlessly supports all IP security protocols including TLS-SRTP and DTLS-SRTP. In addition, large embedded memories allow the new processor to handle four IP calls simultaneously – allowing easy-to-use five-way conference calling independent of the codec and encryption used.


Furthermore the SC14452 offers integrated support for DECT, CAT-iq, DECT 6.0 and KDECT cordless telephony. It can be easily combined with SiTel’s LMX4180 transceiver module for combined VoIP / DECT enterprise applications. This enables cordless accessories such as headsets and handsets to be connected, creating personal area networks (PANs) with ranges of up to 100 meters and promoting greater mobility within businesses.

“SiTel is committed to offering customers the very best in voice ICs,” said Mark De Clercq, Product Marketing Manager at SiTel. “The SC14452 lives up to that commitment. It provides a state-of-the-art solution for the enterprise VoIP market that delivers outstanding features and quality at a low price. Moreover, its industry-low power consumption figures mean low operating costs for end users.”

The SC14452 features a 16-bit CompactRISC™ processor plus two user-programmable Gen2DSPs delivering a total of 240 MIPS of processing power. It offers outstanding sound quality, thanks to SiTel’s Perfect Acoustic Echo Canceller (PAEC), 32 kHz codec for wideband audio and integrated class D amplifier. It also offers a wide variety of peripheral interfaces including master / slave PCM, UART, SPI and dual-access bus.

In mass production and available for sampling now, the SC14452 is priced at around $6.05 per piece for 1000 units. It is supported by a development kit that targets a multitude of applications, including low- to high-end VoIP desktop phones (with optional DECT cordless telephony), IP-DECT basestations and Analog Terminal Adapters (ATAs). The development kit comprises all necessary hardware as well as SiTel’s Rhea VoIP software suite and related documentation.

About Green VoIP

Concerns over climate change and fossil fuel supplies have put energy efficiency of all products at the forefront both consumer and government agendas.

For example, the European Commission Regulation on ecodesign (implementing Directive 2005/32/EC) proposes limiting the standby power consumption of domestic and office devices initially to 2 W if the device has a display and 1 W otherwise. A future second phase will further tighten these limits to 1 W and 0.5 W. Similar legislation is currently making its way through Congress in the US.

To help customers respond to these concerns and regulations, SiTel launched the Green VoIP range in 2008. These energy-efficient ICs allow manufacturers to create VoIP solutions that are environmentally friendly and reduce electricity bills. The first Green VoIP product, the SC14450, reduced power consumption for typical applications by 50% to around 800 mW during calls and 550 mW in idle mode. The next Green VoIP processor, the SC14452, pushed down power consumption even further to 550 and 350 mW respectively – meeting the most stringent proposed limits.

About SiTel Semiconductor BV

SiTel Semiconductor BV was established in June 2005, following a management buy-out from National Semiconductor Corporation. Headquartered in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. SiTel is a fabless IC manufacturer with design centers in The Netherlands and Greece along with regional sales offices in Hong Kong, Japan and the U.S. The company specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high-performance CMOS solutions for digital cordless and corded communication and is the world’s number one DCT supplier for cordless voice, real-time data and VoIP.

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