SiTime re-engineers its MEMS oscillators for wearables and IoT -

SiTime re-engineers its MEMS oscillators for wearables and IoT


SiTime Corporation has introduced a new low power 32 kHz TCXO (temperature compensated oscillator) based on its MEMS technology that it is targeting at the size and limited battery life of the emerging generation of wearable electronics and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The SiT1552 MEMS TCXO is 20% of the size and consumes 50% of the power of comparable quartz devices,” said Piyush Sevalia, executive vice president of marketing at SiTime, which makes it ideal for a range of wearables and IoTs, which are too small to be served by traditional legacy quartz devices.

He claims the SiT1552 is the smallest TCXO available today. Incorporated into a 1.5 x 0.8 mm chip scale package (CSP), the company is targeting it for use in such applications to provide such functions as a reference for real time clock (RTC) function, a sleep clock for Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, and WiFi based devices, and a a heartbeat clock for battery supervisory function

Typically consuming less than 1 micro-amp, he claims it is 10 times faster startup, with a startup time of 300 milliseconds, has 30 times higher shock resistance, and 15 times higher reliability, at 500 million hours MTBF than traditional oscillators.

Also incorporated into this device is the company's NanoDrive programmable, low swing output circuit hat minimizes power and directly interfaces to the oscillator / RTC circuit in the downstream processor or PMIC. With its 1.5 to 3.63V operation, it is ideal for products that use a coin-cell or super-cap battery backup.

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