Six-channel touch controller adds reliability, cuts component count -

Six-channel touch controller adds reliability, cuts component count


Southampton, United Kingdom—Atmel Corp. announced the AT42QT1060, a touch control chip that integrates six channels of touch sensing with the ability to drive up to seven low current LEDs directly through a pulse width modulated (PWM) output function.

The device operates from 5.5VDC down to 1.8VDC and consumes less than 1µA in standby mode to give long battery life; it comes in a tiny 4mm x 4mm MLF28 package, making it ideal for use in mobile phones and other handheld devices. The AT42QT1060 is the latest addition to Atmel's comprehensive range of capacitive touch controllers based on Quantum Research Group's charge-transfer technology. These include QTouch and QMatrix based controllers for single and multiple touch buttons, touch sliders and touch wheels.

The AT42QT1060 is designed for use in portable electronics products. An inbuilt capacitive guard channel feature helps prevent false triggering, for example, where moisture is an issue. This feature also prevents against erroneous commands that can occur when devices such as MP3 players are carried in a pocket, or in the case of a cellular phone, when it is held against the ear. The highly integrated AT42QT1060 reduces component count, cutting design complexity and cost, and enabling faster product development.

Pricing: $0.89 in quantities of 100,000 units per year.
Availability: Samples are available now.
Datasheet: Click here.

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