Slideshow: Silicon Valley Maker Faire DIY highlights -

Slideshow: Silicon Valley Maker Faire DIY highlights

SAN MATEO, Calif. – It’s a movement. It involves lots of robots and LEDs. It’s noisy. People dress weird and drive weird vehicles. It’s good for kids and engineers of all ages.

That’s my first impression of Maker Faire , the circus for do-it-yourselfers which comes to Silicon Valley once a year and increasingly shows up at other venues around the world. Think of it as Burning Man without a burning man and a whole lot more Legos.

I took my very first tour of the event this year. Here’s a sampler of who and what I saw beyond the rollout of Arduino Yun and an interview with Massimo Banzi and crew which I wrote about in a separate story .

Green is a big theme including at the bike-powered music stage.

I arrived just in time to hear a talk by Lee Felsenstein at the center stage. Years ago, I interviewed this engineer perhaps most famous for creating the Homebrew Computer Club that helped launch the PC revolution.

Now Lee is speaking about the Maker revolution, a new grassroots movement where crowd-funding and cottage industries are democratizing design. His slides below give a good synopsis of his points.

Go to“Electrifing moments” to see more Maker Faire slideshow highlights

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