SMART Modular aligns memory products to support IIoT applications -

SMART Modular aligns memory products to support IIoT applications


SMART Modular Technologies announced its exact fit memory support for the Industrial Internet of Things applications. Compared to the consumer-oriented Internet of Things, IIoT is distinct as its applications have specific memory requirements with applications that need memory-intensive analytic capabilities. IIoT includes new applications like Artificial Intelligence solutions that will be used in industrial settings for predictive maintenance, embedded security, automation and other use cases that require low-latency application acceleration.

SMART provides long-term support for IIoT applications, which require extended service life of more than 10 years in many cases. As IIoT application requirements evolve, SMART can scale its products to higher densities, higher speeds and lower latencies—all backed by SMART’s in-house system testing to ensure quality, reliability and interoperability. Additionally, SMART offers a full family of specialty memory solutions such as NVDIMMs with encryption that can support low latency system requirements with security.

SMART’s technical and customer support teams have the experience to enable them to anticipate product life cycle changes to service OEMs more efficiently. SMART provides product change notifications and locked bill of materials part numbers in an effort to help OEMs mitigate any legacy memory supply disruptions.

SMART is showcasing its line of Specialty Memory solutions at embedded world.

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