SMART Modular announces long-term support for DDR3 legacy memory -

SMART Modular announces long-term support for DDR3 legacy memory


SMART Modular Technologies announced plans to offer long-term support for a wide variety of its DDR3 legacy modules. SMART’s legacy DDR3 memory product line includes SO-DIMMs up to 16GB, UDIMMs up to 16GB, VLP UDIMMs up to 16GB, Mini-DIMMs up to 8GB and RDIMMs/LRDIMM up to 32GB. 

Industries which typically have long product life cycles, such as industrial computing, defense, telecommunications and gaming, require long-term support from their memory suppliers as these applications can utilise DDR3 legacy memory for 10-15 years, and in some cases, up to two decades. As many DRAM suppliers tend to leave the legacy market, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are forced to find and qualify suppliers in order to replace memory parts in their equipment. It can be cost prohibitive, however, to incorporate new memory technology in equipment which utilises DDR3 memory. This is largely due to the rigorous and time-consuming certification process required to move from one memory technology to another. Through the provision of long-term support for its DDR3 legacy modules, SMART can reduce the need to reengineer systems and minimise interruptions in the legacy memory supply chain.

In addition, SMART’s technical and customer support teams have the experience to enable them to anticipate product life cycle changes to service OEMs more efficiently. Specialty services aligned with SMART’s long-term DDR3 legacy memory support include early Product Change Notifications with multi-sourced replacement options, locked Bill of Materials Part Numbers, supply chain visibility and operational control, inventory positioning and flexibility, on-hand inventory, short lead times, lower excess material cost and risk as well as traceable labelling. 

In addition to SMART’s long-term support, the SMART Memory Test Lab (SMTL) can help OEMs to reduce DDR3 re-qualification costs and the need for resources by completing the required qualification tests for its customers. SMTL can replicate any variety of an OEM’s testing procedures, and in many cases, enhance those procedures.

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