SMART rolls out 8-Gbyte dual-rank DDR2 RDIMMs -

SMART rolls out 8-Gbyte dual-rank DDR2 RDIMMs


Fremont, Calif.—SMART Modular Technologies (WWH) Inc. is offering an 8-Gbyte dual-rank PC2-4200 registered DIMM (RDIMM), featuring SMART's advanced packaging technologies and the MetaSDRAM chipset from MetaRAM Inc.

Designed for use in high-end servers, SMART's RDIMM doubles available storage capacity, while lowering cost compared to traditional dual-rank modules, and improving system performance by lowering power consumption with use of a four-rank module. By replacing four traditional 4-Gbyte dual-rank RDIMMs with two of SMART's 8-Gbyte dual-rank DDR2 RDIMMs, designers can reduce power consumption by up to 20 percent.

The module combines SMART's advanced DDR2 packaging technologies with the MetaRAM chipset architecture, enabling servers to replace the functionality found in modules built with more expensive components.

For example, SMART's 8-Gbyte RDIMM doubles the maximum memory capacity from 128-Gbytes to 256-Gbytes on AMD Barcelona-based 32-slot motherboards for high performance computing (HPC) and server applications. Also well suited for embedded computing, the SMART RDIMM provides up to 32-Gbytes of total capacity on the San Clemente-based, Cranberry Lake 4-slot small form factor platform offered by Intel.

Using conventional modulesto achieve these system densities would be impractical because of increased cost and power consumption and degradation of system performance due to excessive module bus loading, according to the company.

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