SmartBear CodeCollaborator 7.0 simplifies agile code review -

SmartBear CodeCollaborator 7.0 simplifies agile code review


SmartBear Software's CodeCollaborator 7.0 is a major release that makes peer code review more productive and automated than ever before. Featuring revamped navigation, a streamlined, intuitive user interface, and a new SOAP API, CodeCollaborator enables teams to align their code review process with the core principles of agile development and deliver quality software faster. 

New features

  • A new user interface expedites code review through: fewer clicks to complete review tasks, concise review status summaries, and streamlined views.
  • New group access right options to a team’s specific files and reports enable CodeCollaborator to adapt more easily to each organization’s review processes.
  • New workflow capability enables team members to provide feedback to a developer’s review to foster coaching and improve skill levels throughout the development process.
  • New custom field options allow enterprises to comply more easily with requirements for quality metrics and auditing.
  • Broader tools integration to support developers’ existing environments
  • A new SOAP API enables customers and third-party developers to extend CodeCollaborator’s capabilities using industry standard technologies.

Enhanced support for Perforce shelvesets, and Git, the free and open source distributed version control tool. CodeCollaborator 7.0 also adds support for Subversion (SVN) 1.7 and the latest IBM ClearCase Remote Client. 

For additional details on what’s new in CodeCollaborator 7.0, read our blog entry or visit

CodeCollaborator 7.0 is available now. To purchase or download a free 30-day trial, go here

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