SmartBear offers free online software code reviewer -

SmartBear offers free online software code reviewer


SmartBear Software is making available free its code review technology for use by software development teams with up to 10 members.

For teams of up to 25 developers, CodeReviewer Pro is available with extensive code review functionality and full technical support at a low cost.

Mark Hammer, Senior Product Director at SmartBear, said a recent study by the company revealed that more than 70 percent of survey respondents conducted collaborative review in some capacity and those who do review are twice as likely to be highly satisfied with their overall software quality.

The free online CodeReviewer incorporates such tools as Git and Subversion and can links file changes, chat conversations, and defects together in a code review. Both CodeReviewer Free and Pro have plug-ins for Eclipse and Visual Studio. And the Pro version also has integrations with Mercurial  and Perforce.

Team members can view each conversation, threaded by file and line number, simultaneously with file content. “There’s no need to toggle back and forth between emails and editors,” said Hammer. “Choose between multiple views or download differences to your local machine for further inspection and testing. You can even hyperlink directly to a file or line locations.

In addition to simply making comments on the code, he said, reviewers can also point out defects. “This can be especially important for teams that want to know how many bugs are caught early on in the process – before the product reaches the end user or even QA,” said Hammer. “Simply click on the bug icon and identify the issue in the code as a bug. The icons notify the author that the issue is at least somewhat more serious than a simple comment and requires a modification.”

To install the free version of this online collaborative tool go to CodeReviewer-Free.

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