SmartBear targets mobile apps with new automated software test recording -

SmartBear targets mobile apps with new automated software test recording

SmartBear Software   has released a new version of TestComplete, furthering its efforts to enhance its mobile testing capabilities by providing support for recording object-oriented iOS and Android tests.

“The complexities of mobile testing can impact a company's ability to release quality products in a timely manner,” said Lorinda Brandon, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Testing and Performance Products at SmartBear, pointing out that mobile application testing provides its own set of challenges, many of which can significantly inflate the testing effort needed to qualify new versions.

“Many mobile app development teams release frequently and often, which doesn't leave much time for testing complicated scenarios required by mobile testing,” she said. “Teams who are testing mobile applications without the benefit of automated tools may have to take shortcuts to meet deadlines, leaving areas of the application untested and compromising quality. Overall, many aspects of testing mobile devices often do not get the attention they need.”

TestComplete 10.3's recording capability, she said, is designed to make mobile testing fast and easy, especially with support for recording object-oriented iOS and Android tests, TestComplete can now recognize application controls on-the-fly and record actions as control-specific test commands.

“TestComplete now automatically maps control names during recording, so testers no longer have to do this manually before creating tests,” said Brandon. “Add to that, TestComplete’s unique capability to create a library of gestures for both platforms so testers can easily insert them into their tests, allowing them to have ultimate flexibility in re-using tests with different gesture actions. With the new powerful mobile testing module, there is more time to test complicated scenarios like device fragmentation, carrier network quality and Wi-Fi availability.”

In the past, the first step to mobile testing required that the software development team to instrument the app so the test framework can read it. TestComplete 10.3 eliminates this step, she said, by including automatic instrumentation for Android apps. Additionally, TestComplete 10.3 adds a number of new properties for Android that allow testers to simulate device interactions like Location Services and Orientation.

Other improvements include device support for iPod touch devices with iOS ver. 6.x and 7.0–7.0.x. When checking for updates, TestComplete now checks if new patches for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Web browsers are available. Usability improvements in the test log, informative messages and dialogs have also been added.

To read more about the software testing challenges ahead in smartphones and a variety of embedded Internet of Things designs go to “Embedded software testing in the age of connected things.”

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