SmartBear's loadUI Pro now features server monitoring, is integrated with soapUI 4.5 -

SmartBear’s loadUI Pro now features server monitoring, is integrated with soapUI 4.5

loadUI Pro and soapUI 4.5 from SmartBear Software provide software testers with an integrated toolset to improve the quality of Web Services and API source code developed for desktop, cloud, mobile, and Web applications. loadUI Pro is the first commercially available version of the Open Source Web Services load testing tool. soapUI 4.5, an Open Source functional testing solution used by more than 800,000 testers worldwide to ensure the quality of their APIs and Web Services, is now more tightly integrated with loadUI.

loadUI Pro offers a rich user experience and enterprise-ready load test environment that generates scalable, high-volume, real-world load from any number of local and remote computers. Now featuring server monitoring, loadUI Pro lets testers monitor the performance of Web Services and APIs under load so they can assess the impact on CPU and RAM usage, database performance and resource utilization, and identify the root causes of bottlenecks anywhere in the server stack. See What’s New in loadUI Pro for more information.

Version 4.5 of soapUI provides new features to improve the overall quality and management of testing projects. New test debugging helps users streamline test creation, improved assertion simplifies the test validation process, and multi-environment support enables quick changes between test environments. The new Test On Demand feature enables users to extend testing beyond the desktop and network by running tests from two external locations in SmartBear’s monitoring cloud for free. Additionally, soapUI 4.5 provides an improved experience for Mac users and addresses several Mac OS X issues. See What’s New in soapUI 4.5 for more information.

Go to loadUI Pro and soapUI Pro to download free 14-day trials. 

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