SmartFusion2 dev board offers JTAG emulator -

SmartFusion2 dev board offers JTAG emulator


Based on a SoC FPGA with embedded security, Avnet’s SmartFusion2 KickStart kit enables the prototyping of low-power, high-security IoT designs for the communications, medical, automotive, video, smart energy, and industrial markets.

Unlike existing SmartFusion2 development boards, the Avnet KickStart board furnishes a JTAG emulator and power supply. The USB-powered board is also outfitted with a Microchip RN4020 Bluetooth Lower Energy module. At the heart of the development board is the Microsemi M2S010S SmartFusion2, an SEU-immune SoC FPGA that integrates 10,000 logic elements and a 166-MHz ARM Cortex-M3 processor. The board's Arduino-compatible interface and three 12-pin Pmod-compatible connectors allow the addition of existing custom modules to implement bridging, acceleration, or I/O expansion. Also included are onboard ambient light, motion, and temperature sensors; four user LEDs; and two user push-button switches.

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