SmartSide adopts Ada for its Smart Devices Platform -

SmartSide adopts Ada for its Smart Devices Platform


Paris, France-based SmartSide  has adopted the Ada programming language and the Adacore GNAT Pro development environment for the implementation of its Smart Devices platform.

SmartSide offers multi-energy meter data management systems that allows power distribution network opertunities to optimize their Smart Grid networks through the secure, reliable, highly-interoperable and business-oriented Smart Energy Core platform.

According to David Dhénaux, SmartSide CTO, the company found that Ada is the most efficient technology for writing reliable, secure and scalable code that is also easily maintainable. He said the company is using GNAT Pro as the framework for writing Ada code in an all-in-one development environment allows it to handle activities ranging from initial development to static analysis and testing.

“It reduces our time-to-market and gives us the edge we need in today’s competitive environment,” he said. SmartSide consists of two primary components:

1 – the generic core, which acts as the intelligence of the system and performs the major work (data collection, processing, analysis). This part of the system is sufficiently generic and configurable to process all kinds of energy and environmental data.

2 – the user interfaces, which are separate from the core, and designed to be very flexible and easy to adapt.

SmartSide’s Smart Energy Core is a Meter Data Management system designed to respond with maximum efficiency to the specific problems of Smart Metering and Smart Grids. This platform processes the consumption data of all types of energy, including water, gas, electricity and public lighting, as well as environmental data from temperature sensors, waste management systems, pollution detection systems, etc.

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