SMSC introduces automotive-grade USB 2.0 hub controller -

SMSC introduces automotive-grade USB 2.0 hub controller


Semiconductor vendor SMSC which provides connectivity solutions spanning analog, digital and mixed-signal technologies, announced the USB82514, its first TrueAuto single-chip, 4-port USB 2.0 hub controller designed specifically to meet the high reliability requirements of the automotive industry. SMSC's TrueAuto devices are designed, validated, characterized, qualified, fabricated and supported specifically for use in automotive applications.

TrueAuto is SMSC's automotive quality process. It has proven its capability to fulfill the needs of most demanding automotive customers. If integrated circuits designed for consumer applications are intended for use in automotive applications, they are usually qualified according to the Automotive Electronics Council's (AEC-Q100) qualification requirements. AEC-Q100 however, just covers minimum common requirements for the qualification of an automotive IC. Many car companies and tier one automotive suppliers require extensive additional qualification tests, as AEC-Q100 alone does not lead to the ultra low defect rates that they require. In addition, AEC-Q100 primarily focuses on the qualification phase of the product cycle of an IC. Other phases such as the design and production of the IC, customer support and the handling and investigation of returns are not covered in detail. In order to reach the automotive goal of near zero defect rates, all phases of the IC product cycle need to be addressed thoroughly.

The IC is fully characterized over many operating parameters to prove the quality of the design under various conditions. Also, product qualification is focused on demanding customer expectations. It meets or exceeds automotive reliability standards and customer specific requirements. SMSC's TrueAuto approach goes far beyond the stress tests prescribed by the AEC-Q100 specifications. In addition, extensive technologies and processes, such as enhanced monitors are used in fabrication of TrueAuto products in order to continuously drive improvements in accordance with SMSC's zero Defects per Million (DPM) goals.

The USB82514 is a high-performance, low-power, small footprint controller IC with 4 downstream ports that is fully compatible with the USB 2.0 specifications published by the USB Implementers Forum. The USB82514 features SMSC technologies such as MultiTRAK, PortSwap, PortMap and PhyBoost which improve performance and simplify the design process.

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