SoC controller tailored for space applications -

SoC controller tailored for space applications

Migdal Haemek, Israel—Wafer foundry Tower Semiconductor Ltd. and fabless chip vendor Ramon Chips Ltd. have completed a prototype radiation-hardened SoC controller for space applications.

The SoC is being fabricated on Tower's Fab2 0.18-micron process technology. The SoC controller operates at 150 MHz, and the on-chip SpaceWire interface achieves 250 Mbits/s transfer rates.

The product is expected to sustain cosmic radiation and harsh environmental conditions and is thus useful for all space missions in earth-orbiting satellites. It is also intended for high-reliability avionic applications.

The SoC controller has been designed and fabricated using Ramon Chips' proprietary RadSafe methodology and standard cell library, which assure radiation hardness of parts fabricated in Tower Semiconductor's manufacturing lines.

Another prototype chip fabricated using the same RadSafe library and the same Tower Semiconductor 0.18 micron CMOS process has been tested successfully at radiation levels of 300 Krads and had sustained no radiation-induced latch-ups and less than 10(-13) soft error events per bit per day at LET levels exceeding 100 MeVxcm(2)/mg.

Tower Semiconductor Ltd., 972-4-6506611 or 408-327-8900,

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