Socionext ships display controller optimized for in-vehicle head-up displays -

Socionext ships display controller optimized for in-vehicle head-up displays

Socionext has started the volume shipping of its latest display controller, the SC1711, developed for in-vehicle head-up displays, alongside the software development kit. It features SEERIS2D graphics engine, high-speed APIX2 interface, as well as comprehensive safety functions, making it suitable for highly safe and cost-competitive in-vehicle display systems.

Interest in safety features for in-vehicle systems is growing very rapidly. In particular, head-up displays (HUD) are attracting a lot of attention as they require less movement in the line of sight to get information, reducing driver fatigue and thus improving safety.

The SC1711 was designed to meet the specific needs of HUDs, with features such as Socionext's high-performance 2D graphics engine SEERIS, and APIX2 high-speed serial interface. Socionext optimized the functionality and performance of the SC1711 for medium resolution displays which are used for HUDs, and integrated these features into a compact 20 x 20mm package. Socionext also made major improvements in the heat tolerance of the package, to meet the rigorous requirement of dashboard devices used in the harsh temperature environment.

The SC1711 also features the capability to detect display system errors for stable output utilizing a signature unit, which monitors the integrity of display outputs, and a watchdog function. When a screen freezes due to a damaged cable, the SC1711 immediately switches the display output to notify the driver. The device integrates all necessary features to meet the high safety standards required for automotive applications.

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