SoCs line up for IoT connectivity -

SoCs line up for IoT connectivity

MediaTek Inc., Taiwan’s largest chip designer, unveiled three Internet of Things (IoT) products today (June 1) at the Computex electronics trade show in Taiwan as the company ramps up for its next big growth driver.

While smartphones are likely to be the biggest source of revenue for MediaTek during the near term, the company expects IoT devices to become its biggest cash cow once the smartphone business loses steam.

MediaTek announced the MT7687, a low-power, WiFi System-on-Chip (SoC) that enables home appliances and smart devices to connect to and be controlled through a home network. The company says the chip, which will be available to customers and developers in the third quarter of this year,  provides advanced security, integrated memory, and an enhanced user-programmable microcontroller.

The MT7687 has the ability to transmit at a maximum power output of 21dBm, a level that the company says exceeds comparable SoCs for enhanced WiFi coverage in smart homes. In addition, security is achieved through AES and 3DES/SHA2 protocols as security engines.   

MediaTek also launched the MT7623 and MT7683, Quad-core CA7 platforms that can support 4×4 11ac retail and broadband routers, IoT gateway, WiFi hotspots, and media routers using Linux and OpenWrt for connection across multiple platforms. The MT7623 and MT7683, which also support the latest security features for a fast wireless experience, will be available in the third quarter this year and are expected in home-control devices by late 2015.

The company said the MT7623 and MT7683, supporting major IoT standards, are the world’s first gateways to allow IoT devices with different standards to work together within smart homes. The smart-home gateways allow for the interworking of OIC and ARM mbed devices via pre-Thread to enable interoperability among different IoT standards, facilitating easy communication of all IoT devices. The MT7623 and MT7683 will work with the MT7687.

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