Software allows EDR transmitter measurements defined in latest Bluetooth standard -

Software allows EDR transmitter measurements defined in latest Bluetooth standard


Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) transmitter test software has been added to Anritsu's MT8850A and MT8852A Bluetooth test sets. Anritsu claims that with the software, the MT8850A and MT8852A are the first test instruments that support all EDR transmitter test cases. This capability lets Bluetooth developers test the transmitter performance of their EDR chipsets and products against industry standards quickly, which reduces development time. The software lets engineers verify the performance of their devices before submitting them for qualification. After customers install the software in the MT8850A or MT8852A, the test sets can perform all three EDR transmitter measurements defined in the latest Bluetooth standard.

With the software, the test sets can measure differential power, carrier frequency stability, and modulation accuracy, as well as detect transmitter encoding errors. The EDR relative transmit power measurement displays the differential power for GFSK to PSK modulation with +/-0.2 dB accuracy for differential power of below 6 dB. Carrier frequency stability error and block frequency error accuracy is +/-1 kHz. The differential phase encoding displays the packet error analysis with the number of failed symbols. All major packets are supported by the software, including 2-DH1, 2-DH3, 2-DH5, 3-DH1, 3-DH3, and 3-DH5.

The MT8850A and MT8852A demodulate packets transmitted from EDR Bluetooth devices under test without the need to establish a test mode connection. This makes the application suitable for developers of Bluetooth EDR chips, allowing radio layer measurements to be performed before the completion of test mode signaling development within the chip's protocol stack. The MT8850A has been specifically designed for rapid testing of Bluetooth wireless links. The MT8852A offers all of the radio layer measurement capability of the MT8850A and adds support for audio measurements.

The EDR transmitter test software, available now, is priced at $5000. Pricing of the MT8850A and MT8852A are $16,840 and $22,105, respectively. For more information, visit

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