Software amnesty program targets Protel users in Poland -

Software amnesty program targets Protel users in Poland

LONDON — A December 2009 deadline has been set by Altium for illegal users of its electronics design software to become legal.

Under the scheme, companies doing electronics design can legalize their illegal copies of Altium's Protel and Altium Designer software by buying the latest version of Altium Designer at a price of €3200 that includes half a year amnesty for each legalized seat.

“Piracy of Altium software, both of Altium Designer and older Protel software, is a known problem throughout Poland,” said Jean-Paul Seuren, Licence Compliance Manager EMEA, Altium Europe. “With this programme, Altium helps illegal Protel users continue with their favourite EDA tool for another half a year without having to fear legal consequences.”

“At the same time, and of much more value to these users, we will help them to move their old Protel projects and legacy data to Altium Designer,” added Seuren. “Designers will see the benefit from using this next-generation electronics design software and increase their competitiveness in the Polish and worldwide electronics design sector. This software amnesty programme helps illegal users take the first step to battle software piracy.”

During the amnesty period, designers can retain their illegal Protel seats to migrate their legacy data to Altium Designer. Altium will also provide free software assurance and support, webinars as well as special migration training.

Users will receive an official certificate that enables them to use one unlicensed Protel seat legally for six months for each Altium Designer licence purchased.

Altium's value added reseller Evatronix SA, based in Bielsko-Biala, will be the local point of contact in Poland to facilitate the software amnesty programme.

Earlier this year Altium lowered the pricing for Altium Designer by nearly 70 percent to €3200. This amnesty programme extends that new pricing by adding the support Polish users need to become up-to-date in both compliance and their software.

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