Software automates in-circuit test coverage reporting -

Software automates in-circuit test coverage reporting

The N1194A Agilent Test Coverage Consultant (ATCC) test coverage prediction software performs two  tasks. It measures the test coverage of a product after the tests have been developed and predicts the test coverage of a product based only on the CAD layout files.

These two capabilities allow engineers to estimate test coverage early in the product life cycle, when only the CAD layout file is available. ATCC software also can work as a test strategy analysis tool by assisting the test manager in optimizing the manufacturing test coverage using a portfolio of available test platforms.
ATCC provides the ability to analyze the coverage based on user selectable, Agilent in-circuit test features, as well as the use of PCOLA-SOQ metrics, engineers can make a more complete test coverage report.

When used during the prototyping phase it helps test engineers estimate how well their product can be tested during mass production. Engineers now will have the time they need to adjust the test strategy to ensure the best coverage is achieved and that the best quality products are produced.

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