Software checker gains European channel -

Software checker gains European channel

LONDON — Praxis High Integrity Systems has signed a software distribution license agreement to supply SofCheck's software analysis and verification technology to clients in the U.K. and Europe, for a range of safety critical markets, including aerospace and defense, automotive, rail, nuclear, telecommunications and finance.

Stephen F. Clairmont, senior vice president, sales & strategic alliances at SofCheck, said, “Praxis HIS has earned a reputation as a provider of the highest quality IT consulting and engineering solutions to the safety critical markets that can benefit from SofCheck technology.”

Praxis High Integrity Systems is part of the Altran Group and provides software engineering, systems engineering (including requirements engineering), project/operational risk management, programme delivery management, safety engineering, security engineering and human factors.

SofCheck develops technology that enables detection and elimination of bugs that can cause crashes or numeric overflows earlier in the development cycle. The Inspector tool complements traditional runtime testing tools, employing advanced static error detection technology and pushbutton convenience to find lurking defects in software.

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