Software-configurable I/O devices target building control -

Software-configurable I/O devices target building control

ADI’s AD74412R and AD74413R quad-channel software-configurable I/O devices offer flexible building control and process automation. Each device provides the functionality for analog output, analog input, digital input, and resistance temperature detector (RTD) measurements integrated into a single chip with an SPI-compatible interface.

The I/O circuits allow control systems to be designed with remotely reconfigurable module channels without the need for extensive rewiring. By using software-configurable I/O, manufacturers can develop a platform that replaces multiple aging fixed-function I/O modules or be applied across multiple customer applications where the I/O dynamic changes with each installation. End users can install a single module type programmable from the control room, replacing control cabinets with multiple I/O modules and specified wiring for each channel type.

Software-configurable I/O also serves as a bridge to Ethernet-based control networks. It enables development of standardized, configurable field I/O units capable of translating between installed HART-enabled 4-20-mA sensors and actuators and 10BASE-T1L or 100M fiber backhaul.

The AD74412R and AD74413R integrate a 16-bit sigma-delta ADC and four configurable 13-bit DACs to provide four configurable input/output channels and a suite of diagnostic functions. Housed in 64-lead LFCSPs, the AD74412R and AD74413R cost $7.47 and $8.55 each, respectively, in lots of 1000 units. Evaluation boards are available for both parts.

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