Software connects users to VPNs through the Internet -

Software connects users to VPNs through the Internet


The royalty-free Nucleus Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) software lets networking developers establish a secure, virtual private network (VPN) connection over the Internet when building data-sensitive VPN applications. The software, developed by Accelerated Technology, can be combined with the Nucleus NET networking stack and the Nucleus IPsec security package, giving embedded developers a complete VPN solution. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are supplied for creating VPN-capable devices, which enable mobile or telecommuting users to connect to and access data from a corporate or private network using a public network such as the Internet. Using the Nucleus software solution, embedded developers can build a device to establish an L2TP tunnel from the host to the L2TP private network server. This allows developers to then establish a session and access the private network resources that become available to the host over the L2TP tunnel.

The Nucleus L2TP software is highly configurable, allowing customization for different needs. L2TP network server (LNS) and L2TP access concentrator (LAC) are supported in the package. It's fully conformant with RFC 2661, ensuring interoperability with other implementations, and it's been tested against Ixia's Automate Network Validation Library (ANVL), as well as against Red Hat Linux, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 Server. The Nucleus embedded software is sold in source code format. Licenses begin at $4995. For more information, visit

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