Software enables Kerberos protocol on VxWorks -

Software enables Kerberos protocol on VxWorks


AuthAgent Kerberos for VxWorks 5.x enables organizations to use existing network Kerberos servers to authenticate embedded devices such as networking and storage equipment, connected smart appliances, and remotely managed industrial control applications.

The Kerberos protocol (RFC 1510) specifies an authentication and encryption scheme that allows a principal to become “known” by an authenticating server and then use that authentication to access systems and services on the network.

AuthAgent Kerberos is based on an open-source implementation of Kerberos V and is designed for embedded systems.

By “Kerberizing” VxWorks clients, it allows network applications in multiplatform environments to authenticate Kerberos-enabled services by requesting tickets from the Key Distribution Center and Ticket Granting Service on any server platform. Similarly, network services that need to be Kerberos-enabled and accept ticket-based authenticated sessions can be secured with AuthAgent Kerberos.

When the principals being authenticated are users, AuthAgent Kerberos enables a single sign-on solution and eliminates the need for users to have multiple passwords and logon procedures. It also integrates with existing Secure Shell and IPSec solutions.

AuthAgent Kerberos is available now.

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