Software enables UPnP-compliant device development -

Software enables UPnP-compliant device development


The RTXC Quadnet UPnP SDK is a software development kit for adding pervasive peer-to-peer network connectivity to embedded devices. UPnP is a standard that makes seamless networking possible and augments the drive for even more home networking technology. Developed by Quadros Systems, the software lets a device dynamically join a network with zero configuration, obtain an IP address, and advertise its capabilities to all other devices on the network. The device can also exit the network smoothly and automatically when it is disconnected. The consumer isn't required to understand network management protocols or be able to walk through configuration wizards to operate a device on the home network.

The UPnP software integrates Quadnet Device Control Protocol, an XML device description page and XML service description page based on the UPnP Forum template standards; Quadnet Web Server, which serves up the device's device description and service description documents to interested UPnP control points; Quadnet SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol), which advertises the device's services to UPnP control points; Quadnet GENA (General Event Notification Architecture), which notifies subscribed UPnP control points of changes in the device's state such as a networked printer that is out of paper; Quadnet SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), a web-based messaging and remote procedure call mechanism which combines XML and HTTP to control the device and to query its status; and Quadnet device code generator (upnpcgen), which processes the UPnP device description and service description XML documents, generating code that implements the skeleton of a UPnP network device. The device code generator also performs full XML schema validation for these documents.

Project licenses start under $35,000. For more information, contact Quadros Systems at

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