Software job competition likely to increase -

Software job competition likely to increase


At last month's Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, keynote speaker Dan Saks told the audience that developers would have to extend their skills in order to compete successfully in a world in which programming jobs are going offshore. Education is key to career success, a fact not lost on the rest of the world.

In a story this week we learn that Intel is offering software development courses in India. That's a smart thing for Intel to do, and it's certainly not a bad thing for Indian software developers. But it does underline Dan Saks' point that software developers had better not let grass grow under their feet.

Chuck Murray, who has been handling newsletter chores for the past several months, has returned to full-time editorial on EE Times. His beat is electronics systems and he specializes in automotive electronics, so you can expect to continue to see his byline here. We are grateful for all the time and effort he spent on the newsletter.

Good news for Ganssle fans! Jack's “Embedded Pulse” column will resume on in November.

The results of last week's poll, which asked which industry sector readers identifiied with produced some interesting results. More readers think of themselves as embedded developers than as automotive, consumer, or industrial system developers. Note that the polls here are notoriously unscientific and the results are not to be taken to the bank.

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