Software kit eases ache of adding Bluetooth to Linux devices -

Software kit eases ache of adding Bluetooth to Linux devices


Boston—Easing the chore of adding Bluetooth capabilities to devices that run Linux is the aim of the XTNDAccess Blue Software development kit from Extended Systems. Running as module to Linux kernel version 2.4, the kit lets you implement Bluetooth functions without having to be an expert in that technology.

The protocol stacks, profiles, and Linux integration modules that make up the XTNDAccess Blue Software kit come as source code and are tailored for developers of small embedded devices. The core protocol stack includes support for HCI, L2CAP, and RFCOMM, OBEX, as well as a multitude of profiles. Profiles for headset, hands-free, and audio/video capabilities are scheduled for release by the year's end.

The product is set for qualification by a Bluetooth Qualification Body later this month, ensuring strict compliance with Bluetooth SIG specifications. Also, an on-line seminar describing the product in detail is being held on October 12, at noon eastern time. You can register for the seminar at A recording will also be available after the event.

Prices for the XTNDAccess Blue Software SDK start at $55,000.

Extended Systems , 1-541-758-6123,

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