Software license cuts capital outlay for probe tester -

Software license cuts capital outlay for probe tester


LONDON — Polar Instruments Europe Ltd has cut the capital outlay required for its GRS500 flying probe test system by 60 percent by introducing an annual license fee to make the system affordable to manufacturers of low-volume, high-value printed circuit boards as well as test and repair houses.

Polar (Guernsey) has reduced the system price below £20,000 for the the system which is designed for comprehensive testing of prototypes, low-volume production runs or field failures where full ATE is not a viable option.

“The original £50,000 capital cost of the test system has been a significant barrier to some manufacturers and test houses. The reduction in capital outlay to just £20,000, plus an affordable annual license fee, means that these companies can now benefit from the full fault-locating capability of the system,” said Martyn Gaudion, Polar’s sales & marketing director.

The system combines data from over 20 CAD formats, with repair software and troubleshooting technology which allows users to compare the characteristics of good and faulty PCBs using a nodal impedance test. Twin video cameras provide live video comparison of a known good board against the test board. The GRS500 trouble-shoots all SMT and through-hole technologies and automatically assigns test points to all accessible nets connected to a BGA.

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