Software offers high-resolution compression for small Internet "pipes" -

Software offers high-resolution compression for small Internet “pipes”

SelectFocusIMAGE from General Dynamics is designed specifically for the transmission of critical imagery over ultra low-bandwidth Internet Protocol (IP) networks by enabling objects or regions-of-interest to be compressed at a higher resolution, while background information is compressed at a significantly lower resolution. Cutting-edge coding technology dramatically reduces bandwidth demand while preserving target-specific clarity.

Tool functionality:

Selectable, adjustable compression ratios; lossy/lossless compression modes

Freehand, rectangular, or oval contours

Zoom-in, zoom-out, chipping, contrast/brightness adjustments, annotations

One-touch image transmission

Supports common image file formats (NITF 2.1, JPEG, J2K, TIF, GIF, BMP, PNG, PPM, PGM)

Performance details:

Software compatible with Windows, Unix , Linux 16-bit pixel depth and multi-spectral support

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