Software platform extends IP network benefits -

Software platform extends IP network benefits

IPWireless recently released its UMTS TD-CDMA network software that lets operators implement full packet inspection and prioritization capabilities on their networks, extending the benefits of an IP core to its 3G air interface. This platform lets the operators offer differentiated mobile broadband services and full network quality-of-service on a service-by-service basis. The platform is available as a software upgrade for existing operators, and will first be deployed on the recently announced T-Mobile TD-CDMA network in the Czech Republic.

The software combines with TD-CDMA’s high up- and down-link performance, low latency, and support for many simultaneous users. Premium corporate, VoIP, gaming, or video applications can be assigned the most suitable network resources and won't be impacted by network congestion during peak traffic times. This lets the operators charge more for premium services while still exploiting mass-market demands. It also leverages the fact that UMTS TD-CDMA, unlike other 3G technologies, uses shared channels on both the downlink and uplink, making it ideal for packet based applications.

The packet prioritization platform uses the signaling protocols defined in the UMTS standard to inspect all the packets on both the uplink and downlink and works with the network scheduler to prioritize these packets based on operator defined preferences in the network management system. Operators can prioritize packets based on both the type of service, as well as the type of user. The platform can also map a packet to either a shared channel or to a dedicated channel on the network based on the service requirement and economics. It provides a mapping of IP core network QoS settings to service definitions in the TD-CDMA radio access network, including the extraction and setting of DiffServ or MPLS values. The network also identifies and prioritizes packets based on protocols such as FTP or HTTP or an IP port number. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

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