Software provides developers with flash file system -

Software provides developers with flash file system

PALO ALTO, CA— Denali Software today announced its first embedded software product offering known as the Spectra flash file system. Spectra provides embedded system developers with a fully featured flash file system that is designed to optimize performance from commercially-available NAND or NOR flash devices. Spectra aims to enable system developers to rapidly deploy high-quality flash memory systems for a wide variety of applications, ranging from handsets to network routers running multi-threaded applications.

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The Spectra flash file system was specifically designed to provide embedded system developers with a fully featured product for both NAND or NOR memories. Key features of the Spectra flash file system combined with the company's Databahn flash controller include:

  • Support for all commercial NAND and NOR flash devices
  • Support for both SLC and MLC, selectable fast ECC algorithms
  • Concurrent use of multiple volumes
  • XIP, Full POSIX file system
  • Multi-threaded from RTOS/OS to flash device interface
  • Dynamic creation/deletion of files and directories
  • Wear-leveling for prolonged device operation
  • Boot support
  • Options for Garbage collection, File Fragmentation, Bad Block detect/recover

The product features ANSI C source code and Verilog register transfer level (RTL) code, scripts for synthesis and static timing analysis, systemRDL (Register Description Language) code for programmable registers, multiple protection scheme options, and a complete verification environment, including vendor-specific flash device models, assertion libraries, and protocol monitors.

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