Software simplifies evaluation of electromagnetic field measurements -

Software simplifies evaluation of electromagnetic field measurements


The SRM-3006 TS is a remote control, analysis and management software package for use with Narda Safety Test Solutions SRM-3006 frequency-selective field measuring set.  The software enables the acquisition and storage of the results of electromagnetic field measurements, enables subsequent analysis and the automatic generation of user-specific test reports.
Database functions facilitate storage by measurement location and measurement project. A separate data field contains extra information about the measurement location and conditions, such as GPS data, cartographic representations or voice comments recorded on-site.
All results can be subsequently analyzed. For example, the software can automatically search for peak values in frequency spectra or determine average values over time periods. Integration over a selectable frequency range enables automatic determination of the field exposure due to an entire radio communication service, such as GSM-1800 downlink, or due to an individual service provider.

Similarly, later analysis enables identification of pilot channels, as well as the use  of individual extrapolation factors to determine the maximum field exposure when a transmitter is operating at full load.
The PC software SRM-3006 TS can import data from earlier SRM-3006 software and print out all results directly or export them to Office applications using custom style sheets.  

The main users of the software will be the operators of radio and mobile communications transmitters, authorities, and companies providing measurement services.
The SRM-3006 has been specially developed for environmental and safety  measurements in electromagnetic fields. Using isotropic measuring antennas, the instrument covers the entire frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz. It can therefore be used equally well to investigate safety in the near field region of long wave transmitters, make measurements on  radio and TV broadcast transmitters, and determine exposure levels caused by the latest generation of mobile telecommunications services.

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