Software suite ensures secure, high-quality code -

Software suite ensures secure, high-quality code


Burlington, Mass.—Touted as the first package of its kind to fully integrate software quality and security checking features, Klocwork K7 from Klocwork Inc. plies automatic static analysis to quickly spot code defects and security gaps well before they wind up in a shipped product. Moreover, K7 promises to meld easily with industry leading integrated development packages as well as your current software development process.

By helping to remove bugs early in development, K7 mitigates the cost of finding and correcting bugs and security holes. Moreover, its modular structure lets you use the product to first remove defects and identify security issues, and then invest in the rest of the suite to enforce coding best practices, analyze code architecture, and monitor the development process.

Overall, K7 comes in four packages: the Defect Discovery Edition, Security Vulnerabilities Edition, Defects and Security Edition, and the Development Edition. Each addresses critical “customer pain points” and arms crossfunctional teams with tools that aim at architectural controls, security metrics, and reporting and control. Extensibility features allow for custom analyses.

Klocwork K7 will be available on June 30. Price depends on the number of users and the size of the code base analyzed. Typical enterprise deployments run about $5,000 per user.

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