Software suite handles echo cancellation -

Software suite handles echo cancellation


SoftEcho is a software suite that helps enhance the audio quality of VoIP calls. Based on Octasic's echo-cancellation algorithms, SoftEcho is a portable solution. The suite initially encompasses two offerings, AEC (acoustic echo cancellation) and LEC (line echo cancellation), each designed for specific applications.

SoftEcho AEC is designed for such applications as hands-free and speaker phones, particularly in the car or for wireless handsets where the environment is unpredictable, with specific extensions for noise reduction.

SoftEcho LEC aimed at makers of IADs or PBXs. It allows for simple integration of a ready-made, complete solution that delivers high audio quality through added features such as complex echo point support, which is crucial when multiple hybrids are crossed, as is the case during conference calls.

The SoftEcho Suite is configurable with a high-level ANSI C API, which allows for a simple interface for all development. Customers can receive optimized code for their particular platform. More information is available at

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