Software tool provides fast waveform creation for OFDM UWB transceivers -

Software tool provides fast waveform creation for OFDM UWB transceivers


There's now a software tool available to provide flexible, fast waveform creation for the design and verification of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Ultra Wideband (UWB) transceivers and components. Developed by Agilent Technologies, the Signal Studio tool produces waveforms compliant with the Multiband OFDM Alliance (MBOA) proposal for 802.15.3a. The tool lets designers generate accurate and standard-compliant UWB signals when used with the company's E8267D PSG vector signal generator and a wideband arbitrary waveform generator. The software's flexibility facilitates thorough receiver performance verification that requires full control of the OFDM UWB transmit waveform, including encoding, interleaving, preamble, header and payload. Hence, designers can get started quickly without first learning how to use complex test equipment. This enables users to focus on the evaluation of the UWB transceiver and perform key measurements, such as sensitivity and interference rejection.

To test more advanced receiver functions, designer can create customized waveforms with multiple groups of packets. Each group has different parameter settings such as packet length, data rate, or MAC header values. The Agilent N7619A software provides full control of parameters for UWB waveforms that are compliant to the specification. In addition, designers can also add waveform impairments, such as frequency offsets, I/Q phase and amplitude imbalance. Signal Studio for UWB also works with an Agilent spectrum analyzer. The software can be evaluated prior to purchase. To download the software and for additional information about Signal Studio software, go to

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